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Natural and Pure Geranium Essential Oil


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Natural and pure geranium essential oil is extracted from the steam and leaves of the geranium plant through the steam distillation process. The botanical name of geranium oil is pelargoneum graveolens. It can be used as a  perfuming and topical agent.  Geranium oil is developed from the most effective obtainable expertise and has the flexibility to encourage and uplift, promote psychological clearness and relieve stress. It is the origin in Egypt. It is very efficient in skincare, flu, circulatory issues and can also be in a position to relieve the ache of pre-menstrual syndrome or heavy duration. Geranium oil can be utilized in perfumery and as a mosquito repellent. Due to its universality and efficient worth,  geranium oil is commonly used for imitation of rose geranium oil.

Product Title : Natural and Pure Geranium Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Pelargoneum Graveolens
Origin : Egypt
Appearance & Odor : Greenish olive liquid @22C with Characteristic floral odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distillation


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