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Javanol is called sandal cyclopropane. It is a new generation sandalwood molecule with unprecedented powder and substantivity. It has a rich, natural, creamy sandalwood note like beta santalol. It is the most intense synthetic sandalwood perfumery material. It has a rosy, cologne like note in the background. Javanol is a very good fixture, It is the part to a complete absence of the double bond. It is a powerful material. It is used in combination with another sandalwood replacer or as a booster for the natural oil.

 Uses & Benefits:-
– It is exceptionally good for use in fragrances of these types.
– Javanol is widely used in the perfumery industry.
– It is also used in the cosmetic industry for making body lotions and creams.

Product Title : Javanol
Appearance : Colorless clear viscous liquid
Specific Gravity : No
Refractive Index : No


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