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Lavender Kashmir Essential Oil


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Lavender Kashmir essential oil is the world’s greatest promoting essential oil and should be a staple in each family’s house. It is obtained from the flowering tops through the method of steam distillation. It is grown in France, India, and Hungary. It is the origin in India and Kashmir. Its scientific name is lavendula augustifolia. It is an aromatic shrub which grows up to 1-2m in long with evergreen leaves and pinkish-purple flowers.  It’s grown solely within the Kashmir area of the Himalayas. It has a natural floral candy odor. It’s a clear pale liquid. It The primary chemical parts of this lavender oil is linalyl acetate, linalool, alpha pinene, beta pinene, and terpinene. The distinctive local weather and elevation create for an elegant lavender scent and elevated therapeutic worth.

Uses & Benefits:-
– Lavender Kashmir essential oil is used to deal with a wide range of well-being situations.
– It’s universally liked and nearly all the time appreciated. Diffuse it in your house that will help you calm down and to refresh the entire household.
– It’s used for complications, despair, nervousness, insomnia, exhaustion, rheumatism, in relieving muscle spasms, in stimulating blood move, and as a cell regenerator.
– Apply a drop topically to help pores and skin well-being, together with the soothing of insect bites, or apply as a part of a chilly compress to assuage any particular space of the physique.

Product Name : Lavender Kashmir Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Lavandula angustifolia
Origin : Kashmir, India
Appearance & Odor : Almost colorless to pale green to yellowish green.
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distilled



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