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Musk Ketone


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Musk ketone is a pure musk dry powdery nitro floral-fruity odor. It is also known as synthetic musk and white musk in the perfumery industry. It is a aroma compound. The chemical formula of musk ketone is C14H18N2O5. It has a light yellow in color with crystalline solid odor. It is related to the monoterpenes family. It is also known as a fixative.

 Uses & Benefits:-
– It is mostly used in the perfumery industry.
– It helps to improve the tenacity of the perfume scents.
– Musk ketone is also used in the cosmetic industry.
– It is also used in the production of detergents and soaps.

Product Title : Musk Ketone
Appearance : Yellow powder
Specific Gravity : 1.200-1.210 at 25C
Refractive Index : 1.545-1.550 at 20C


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