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Organic Frankincense Essential Oil


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Organic frankincense essential oil is also known as olibanum. It is an aromatic resin which is widely used in perfumes and incenses. It is achieved from trees of genus boswellia. The botanical name of frankincense oil is boswellia serrata. It belongs to the Burseraceae family. It is a biennial or perennial herb. It grows up to 2 m (6 ft) in long. It has an earthy, woody, slightly and spicy fruity aroma which is relaxing and calming. It color is pale yellow. It is originated from India. The tree of frankincense oil is basically from the Middle east.

Uses & Benefits:-
· It is effective as an antiseptic and reduces stress.
· It helps to protect from premature loss of teeth and hair.
· It helps to cure symptoms associated with menstrual syndrome.
· It helps to provides relief from bronchitis & congestion of nasal tract and lungs.
· Organic frankincense essential oil is improves digestion and also helps wound heal faster.
· It helps to inhibit dental health problems like bad breath, cavities, tooth decay and so on.

Product Title : Organic Frankincense Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Boswellia serrata
Origin : India
Appearance & Odor : Colorless to pale yellow liquid & Woody, spicy, Camphorous odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distilled


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