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Pomegranate Oil


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Pomegranate oil is extracted from the seeds of Pomegranate fruit. This plant is principally cultivated in hilly areas. Many individuals contemplate this plant as an emblem of prosperity and ambition. Pomegranate is a really scrumptious fruit with a novel building and enticing coloration. The leaves of the plant are reverse and shiny, the flowers are vivid purple with 5 petals, and the fruit is berry with edible seeds Additionally it is good for sustaining the cardiac well being. Aside from such advantages, this oil is utilized in treating the illnesses like osteoarthritis, Diabetes, dental care, anemia, abdomen problems and most cancers.

Uses & Benefits :-
Beauty use: Pomegranate Oil is efficient in revitalizing mature or uninteresting pores and skin.
– Due to this, it’s used as an ingredient in making many skincare merchandises.
– Pomegranate oil is an efficient supply of conjugated fatty acids and punicic acid.
– This oil helps in lowering the guts issues.
– Some research has come out with the optimistic outcomes that pomegranate oil protects the arteries of the physique from low-density lipoprotein injury.

Product Name : Pomegranate Oil
Botanical Name : Punica granatum
Origin : India
Appearance & Odor : Yellow to yellow liquid & Odourless
Methods of Extraction : Cold Pressed