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Rose Petals Powder


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Dried rose petals powder is prepared with the handpicked flowers. Its scientific name is rosa damascena. The powder has numerous naturally occurring constituents, which make it an outstanding product for any skin care regimen. It is the origin in India. Rose powder is appropriate for all skin kinds, chiefly sensible as well as older skin. This advantageous powder is used in different fragrances and scents as well. It also acts as a good skin toner.

Uses & Benefits:-
– This powder is used as fragrant.
– This powder appends a nice calming smell to body wrap blends.
– This powder is also used as an astringent powder in body powders, facials, salt scrubs, milk baths, and soap.
– It is also helpful in face packs.
– It gives relief from soreness.
– It also cures motion infection and vomiting.
– It also stimulates circulation.
– This powder lessens wrinkles and saves the skin from sunburn.
– It humidifies your skin and is advantageous for a responsive skin.
– It is a natural skin toner.
– It revitalizes after a hectic day.
– It rinses skin.


The key constituents of this powder comprise Rose Hydrosol.

Blends with

Dried rose petals powder blends well with dishes, face packs, facials and lots other things.

Product Title : Rose Petals Powder
Botanical Name : Rosa Centifolia
Country Origin : India
Appearance : No


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