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Sandela is also known as sandenol. This product is one of the classic, workhorse sandalwood replacers and very widely used. The odor is described as sandalwood, clean, sweet-woody and cashew. It is a plump, syrupy, clear liquid that is easy to use. It blends very well with other sandalwood replacers. Sandela is best used in combination with others. It odor impact is low but persistent extremely high. It is one of the oldest synthetic sandalwood materials and most offerings sold under this name consist of a mixture of related isomers.

 Uses & Benefits:-
– It is also used in the manufacturing of many products.
– Sandela is widely used in the perfumery as a fragrance.
– It is mostly used in the cosmetic industry for making products.

Product Title : Sandela
Appearance : Colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid
Specific Gravity : No
Refractive Index : No


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