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Watermelon Seed Oil


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Watermelon seed oil is extracted from seeds of watermelon. Thus, additionally, it is often called watermelon seed oil, ootanga oil or kalahari oil. The botanical title for watermelon oil is citrullus vulgaris. It has a clear to golden yellow in color with a slightly nutty, flavor. It can be used as a cosmetic constituent. Watermelon seed oil is widely used in many types of skin care products and also used in beauty products. It is the origin of South Africa and India. It is also used in aromatherapy section.

Uses & Benefits :-
– It helps in preventing the formation of free radicals inside physique and therefore helps within the cure of most cancers.
– A common therapeutic massage with this oil retains hair lustrous.
– It’s non-greasy in nature thus straight forward to use of hair.
– Watermelon seed oil is wealthy in omega fatty acids that promotes growth of hair.
– Its antimicrobial property prevents scalp issues like dandruff, lice, and lice eggs.
– It is an extremely salubrious and simply absorbing oil which works wonders for dry and broken pores and skin.
– Watermelon seed oil can also be an ideal alternative for inclusion in hair care formulations as it’s non-greasy but extremely moisturizing.

Product Title : Watermelon Seed Oil
Botanical Name : Citrullus Vulgaris
Origin : South Africa & India
Appearance & Odor : Yellow color &  faint, slightly nutty odor
Methods of Extraction : Cold Pressed


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