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Organic Labdanum Essential Oil


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Organic labdanum essential oil is obtained from the resin through the method of steam distillation. It is botanically known as cistus ladanifer. It is commonly known as rock rose and rose of sharon. It is related to the cistaceae family. It is a sticky shrub that grows up to 3m in height.

Uses & Benefits:-
– It gives relief from calm and stresses the mind.
– It is very beneficial for various skin conditions.
– Organic labdanum essential oil helps to treat irritated and inflamed skin.
– It reduces signs of aging like wrinkles, rejuvenates tired and tightens loose skin and muscles.
– It can be used as a massage purposes for your cleansers and body washes.
– It is very effective for swollen and painful joints and also treats arthritis and rheumatism.

Product Title : Organic Labdanum Oil
Botanical Name :  Cistus ladanifer
Origin :  France
Appearance & Odor :  Yellow brown to brown clear liquid
Methods of Extraction :  Steam distillation


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