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Catnip Essential Oil


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Catnip essential oil is also known as Catswort or Catmint. Together with the power to repel mosquitoes, The oil can be used as a house treatment for quite a few minor illnesses. Botanically, this plant is named Nepeta cataria and belongs to Lamiales order of Lamiaceae household. Catnip essential oil is a particularly pungent, natural oil. The oil is often out there in well-being meals outlets and different venues that promote natural oils. Catnip is grown and cultivated virtually in every single place worldwide. Whereas the research researched catnip as a vital oil, catnip tea retains a few of the sturdy aroma of the leaves, so could maintain bugs away.

Uses & Benefits :-
– Catnip essential oil can stimulate all of the features or methods working within the physique, just like the nervous system, mind system, digestive system, circulatory system and the excretory system, Catnip Oil has astringent properties.
– Catnip oil is principally identified for its behavioral results at home in addition to wild cats.
– It is vitally efficient in curing insomnia, stress, anxiousness and many others.


Product Title : Catnip Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Nepeta cataria
Origin : France
Appearance & Odor : Pale Yellow/Orange & Herbaceous with a subdued mint odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distilled



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