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Cedarwood Essential Oil


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Cedarwood essential oil is also known as cedar oil, Virginian, red, southern red cedar, eastern red, and etc. It is extracted from Juniperus virginiana. It color is pale yellow to light orange in color and is sticky. It is a soft, woody and pencil like the smell and is a faint undertone of sandalwood. It is derived from various types of conifers most of the pine or cypress botanical families. It is native to north America and grows up to 30mt (100ft). Cedarwood oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation and from the wood pieces of the cedar wood tree. Its botanical name is Juniperus virginiana and it is also known as cedrus doedara, cedrus atlantica, and cedrus libani. Cedarwood oil is mostly natal to cold climates and is basically found at high altitudes.

Uses & Benefits:-
· It reduces inflammation, skin peeling and also helps in treat seborrhoea.
· It relieves spasms and it eliminates a cough and removes phlegm.
· It acts as an antiseptic on wounds.
· It helps to stimulate metabolism.
· Cedar wood essential oil has anti-inflammatory and effect on arthritis.
· It cures fungal infections and also used as mosquito and insect repellant.
· It contributes to hair growth and slows hair loss.
· It helps reduce dry or flaky scalp.


Product Title : Cedarwood Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Cedrus deodora
Origin : India
Appearance & Odor : Yellow to brown liquid &  Slightly camphoraceous and smoky odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distillation