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Labdanum Absolute Oil


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Labdanum absolute oil is obtained from the leaves and flowers through the process of steam distillation. It’s botanically known as cistus ladanifer. It has a dark brown liquid in color with a strong and sweet aroma. It is mostly used as a fixative in many fragrances. It is also known as rock rose and ladanum. It is an evergreen plant which can grow up to 3-10cm in height and 1-2cm in broad. It is the origin of North Africa and Southern Europe.

Uses & Benefits:-
– It is effective for cold, cough and rheumatism.
– It is very useful in the treatment of skin care like dry skin, wrinkles, and mature skin.
– Labdanum absolute oil is beneficial for the treatment of pimples, acne, blemishes, and scars.
– It is also used in the production of beauty care products like creams, talcum powder, gels, and ointments.
– It is also used in the aromatic industry for making products like deodorants, perfumes, scented candles and room fresheners.

Product Name :  Labdanum Absolute Oil
Botanical Name :  Cistus ladanifer
Origin :  Southern Europe and North Africa
Appearance & Odor :  No
Methods of Extraction :  Solvent extraction


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