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Bitter Orange Essential Oil


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Bitter orange essential oil is obtained from the peel of the orange through the method of cold pressed. Its scientific name is citrus aurantium. It is the origin of Italy, India & UK. It is a fruit of spiny and evergreen tree of bitter orange. It is also known as bigarade and sour orange. It is yellow to greenish in color with the thin consistency odor. It is mainly used in perfume and cosmetics. It is good for the herbal remedy.

Uses & Benefits:-
– It helps to treat spasm, slow digestion, and water retention.
– Bitter orange oil increases the appetite, alleviate the stomach and chest pain.
– It helps to treat headaches, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, and insomnia.
– It helps to stop vomiting.
– It helps to cure flu, bronchitis, flatulence, and palpitations.
– Bitter orange oil promotes support silver, healthy metabolism, and also improves the systematic function of the body.

Product Title : Bitter Orange Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Citrus Aurantium
Origin : Italy, UK and India
Appearance & Odor : Yellowish orange to greenish orange with bitter orange odor
Methods of Extraction : Cold Pressed/Expressed


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