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Buchu Essential Oil


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Buchu essential oil is obtained from the leaves through the process of steam distillation. It is the origin of South Africa. It is an evergreen and aromatic shrub. The leaves of buchu can grow up to 1cm long. It is slight greenish to pale yellow clear liquid in color. Buchu oil has a distinctive scent that is described as minty and fruity. The scientific name of buchu is agathosma capensis. It is also known as mountain buchu. It belongs to the rutaceae family. It is mostly used in pharmaceuticals.

Uses & Benefits:-
· It helps to smoothly run of the digestive system.
· Buchu oil is effective for mosquitoes, fleas, lice and bed bugs.
· It helps in removal of gasses from stomach and intestines.
· It helps to protect wounds from becoming septic.
· Buchu oil is beneficial for the treatment of inflammation of the urethra and cystitis.
· It is mostly used in cosmetic preparations, soaps, perfumery, personal care formulations, and aromatherapy.

Product Title : Buchu Essential Oil
Botanical Name :  Agothosma Betulina
Origin : South Africa
Appearance & Odor : Yellow to brownish yellow liquid & Green minty, catty, tropical, fruity odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam distillation


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