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Cade Essential Oil


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Cade essential oil is derived from the branches and wood of the Juniper tree. It is scientifically known as juniperus oxycedrus. It has a smoky scent. It is a dark red brown and dark brown in color. It is also known as prickly cedar, cade juniper. It is the origin of the Mediterranean region from Spain. It belongs to the cupressaceae family. Cade essential oil is used in perfume industry and food industry cause of its smoky scent. This tree can grow up to 6m long. The leaves are tiny, narrow and prickly. It is used in veterinary practice.

Uses & Benefits:-
· It is also used in skin creams and ointments.
· It helps to treat ulcers, worms, scabies and parasites.
· Cade oil is a good choice for hair loss and treats dandruff and heals weaken hairs.
· It is mostly used in cosmetics.
· It cures diabetes, pneumonia, diarrhea, bronchitis, peptic ulcer diseases and itching.

Product Title : Cade Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Juniperus oxycedrus
Origin : Spain
Appearance & Odor : Dark orange liquid & Smoky, phenolic odor.
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distillation


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