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Clementine Essential Oil


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Clementine essential oil is extracted from the fruit peels through the method of cold pressing. It is botanically known as citrus nobilis. It has a dark orange to reddish yellow in color with a medium aroma. It is related to the mandarin family. The tree of clementine is considered as a cross between to a sweet orange tree and mandarin tree. It is beneficial for various types of treatments. It is widely used in the aromatherapy treatments. It is the origin of Italy.

Uses & Benefits:-
– It is also used for vaporizer treatments.
– It gives relief from stress, anxiety, and tension.
– Clementine essential oil is good for acne and skin blemishes.
– It helps to treat nervous tension and restlessness.
– It is widely used in the production of cosmetic products like balms, creams, and lotions.

Product Title : Clementine Essential Oil
Botanical Name :  Citrus nobilis
Origin :  Italy
Appearance & Odor :  Orange to dark orange clear liquid, Fresh sweet orange scent
Methods of Extraction :  Cold Pressed


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