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Neroli Essential Oil


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Neroli essential oil is a typical essential oil. It has extracted by way of water distillation of blossom of bitter oranges. It was not found until the 16th century and is called after anna maria de la tremoille, princess of neroli in Italy. It has a pale yellow in color with a sweet, slightly and floral scent. It is the origin in France. Neroli oil is extracted from the citrus aurantium which belongs to the rutaceae family. The oil has a nice soothing and calming impact and can be utilized to cope with the issue associated with the stress and anxiousness. It is widely used in the perfumery.

Uses & Benefits:-
– Neroli oil is actually miraculous oil for the affected person affected by the illness Insomnia. On this illness sufferers will not be in a position to sleep correctly, however, this oil works tremendously properly by selling the nice sleep to the sufferers.
– It helps to increase appetite and also promotes digestion.
– It is good for reducing weight.
– It cures diarrhea, colitis and fat cracks.
– It helps to balance oil and maintain moisture on the skin.
– It helps to boost immune system and proper blood circulation.
– Neroli essential oil has a calming and soothing impact and is very helpful for digestive tracts.

Product Title : Neroli Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Citrus aurantium
Origin : France
Appearance & Odor : Coffee brown to orange @22C with Floral odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distillation