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Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil


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Organic grapefruit essential oil is derived from the fresh peels of citrus paradisi by the using of cold pressed method. It is the origin of Asia and now cultivated in the USA & France. The plant of grapefruit grows up to the 10m in height with the white flowers. It has a pale yellow in color. It is also known as shaddock. It belongs to the rutaceae family.

 Uses & Benefits:-
– It helps to balance and refresh in skin care.
– It gives relief from nervous tension.
– Organic grapefruit oil can be used as a vaporizer treatments.
– It is widely used in the aromatherapy sections.
– It helps to alleviate sadness and uplift the mood.

Product Name : Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Citrus paradisi
Origin : USA, France
Appearance & Odor : Clear to light yellow liquid & fresh sweet citrus odor
Methods of Extraction : Cold Pressed


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