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Organic Lavender French Essential Oil


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Organic lavender French essential oil is obtained from the flowers, stems, and leaves of lavender through the method of steam distillation. Its scientific name is lavandula officinalis and angustifolia. It belongs to the lamiaceae family. It is a pale yellow in color with a floral, fresh and sweet scent.

Uses & Benefits:-
– It helps to treat a plethora of emotional and physical conditions.
– It is very helpful for treating anxiety, stress and mood swings.
– Organic lavender French essential oil is also used in the cosmetic and perfumes products.
– It is beneficial for the immune system and also used in the aromatherapy oils.
– It gives relief from head tension and also soothes muscles and joints pain.

Product Title : Organic Lavender French Oil
Botanical Name :  Lavandula dentata
Origin :  France
Appearance & Odor :  A very pale yellow, a sweet, floral, warm, fresh aroma
Methods of Extraction :  Steam Distilled


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