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White Lotus Absolute Oil


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White lotus absolute oil is obtained from the wild flowers through the method of solvent extraction. It is scientifically known as nelumbo nucifera. It is the origin of Tamil Nadu, India. It has an intense floral, deeply rich, sweet and earthy aroma. It is also known as safed kamal. White lotus absolute is a  flowering plant which belongs to the nymphaeaceae family. This plant can grow up to 45cm in height. It has an oily viscous liquid in brown red color.

 Uses & Benefits:-
– It is mainly used in creams, soaps, cosmetic formulations, and so on.
– White lotus absolute oil is also used in aromatherapy and relief from stress, depression, and other problems.
– It helps to treat various types of skin problems such as pimples, scar marks, wrinkles and so on.
– It is widely used in perfumes industry for making a deodorant, scented, exotic perfumes, room fresheners etc.

Product Name : White Lotus Absolute Oil
Botanical Name : Nelumbo Nucifera
Origin : India
Appearance & Odor : brown red oily viscous liquid with pleasant flower odor
Methods of Extraction : Solvent extraction

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