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Ajwain (Ajowan) Essential Oil


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The ajwain(ajowan) essential oil is mostly used in India for flavoring and for home made medicines from ancient instances. Ajowan oil is an herbaceous annual, its height is 30-70cm (1-2ft) in peak, bearing feathery leaves and purple flowers. It is a sarcastic oil having a tradition rooted in ayurvedic drugs. It’s helpful for treating digestive issues and lots of different intestinal illnesses. The botanical name of ajwain oil is trachyspermum ammi. It is belongs to the apiaceae family. It is the origin in India. The other name of ajwain oil is ajowan, ajowan caraway, and carom. Ajwain essential oil blends with parsley, sage and thyme. The fruits are grayish brown.

Uses & Benefits:-
– It promotes a restful sleep, soothe sore and aching muscular tissues, and numb toothaches.
– Ajwain essential oil is used for culinary goal so as to add distinctive and extraordinary taste to completely different sorts of recipes.
– If you’re a affected person of bronchial asthma, you should utilize it to alleviate yourselves from this incurable illness.
– Ajwain seeds comprise thymol which is thought for its sturdy germicidal and fungicidal properties.
– It may be used for cleansing wounds and treating numerous pores and skin illnesses.

Product Title : Ajwain (Ajowan) Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Trachyspermum ammi
Origin : India
Appearance & Odor : Colorless to brownish liquid with characteristic odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam distilled


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