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Clove Essential Oil


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Clove essential oil is derived from the tree syzygium aromaticum plant by steam distillation process. It’s a slender evergreen that grows as much as 12 meters in peak. Initially, of the wet season, lengthy buds seem that are distilled to extract the oil. Its scientific name is syzygium aromaticum. Clove oil is rather more than a well-liked cooking spice. It’s a favorite amongst each well-being care professionals and well-being acutely aware people for its many helpful and therapeutic properties. It has a dark brown liquid in color with fruity and spicy odor. It is the origin of India & Indonesia.

Uses & Benefits:-
– It has a stimulating impact on the mind and is ready to cut back and take away psychological exhaustion and fatigue.
– Clove essential oil is an efficient agent for minor pains and aches (specific dental ache) and is useful when battling flu and colds.
– It gives relief from toothache and eliminates bad breath.
– Clove oil is broadly utilized in the flavoring of medicines.
– It is an efficient remedy for treating bronchitis, frequent chilly, whooping cough, fever, sore throat and various infections.

Product Name : Clove Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Syzygium aromaticum
Origin : India
Appearance & Odor : Dark brown liquid & spicy fruity odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distilled