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Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil


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Pink grapefruit essential oil is obtained through the peels of the fruit by the method of cold pressing. It is mostly grown in South Africa. The grapefruit originated within the Asian area and is now additionally cultivated in America of America, Brazil, and Israel. The plant can develop as much as 10 meters in the peak with white flowers and pale yellow fruit. It is the origin in USA and Mexico. Grapefruit oil has recent and sharp refreshing perfume. It additionally helps in boosting the lymphatic system which regulates the temper and helps in revitalizing the thoughts. It’s botanically known as citrus paradisi.

Uses & Benefits:-
– The primary advantages of the grapefruit oil are that it helps within the discount of the temperature, has purifying talents and could be decongestive.
– Grapefruit essential oil is beneficial in fighting cellulite.
– It helps to boost the lymphatic system.
– It is very usually potent in battling despair, troubled nervous system and launch of stress from the physique.
– It additionally combats muscle tissues fatigue and stiffness whereas stimulating the lymphatic system and clearing physique toxins.

Product Name : Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Citrus paradisi
Origin : Mexico
Appearance & Odor : Clear to light yellow liquid & fresh sweet citrus odor
Methods of Extraction : Cold Pressed


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