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Jojoba Carrier Oil


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The botanical name of jojoba oil is simmondsia chinensis. The shrub of jojoba oil is native to Arizona , California, and northwestern Mexico but in this time the shrub is grown in all the parts of parts due to its multiple benefits. It is the origin in USA. The color of jojoba oil is golden to brownish yellow with notably neutral odor. The melting point of jojoba oil is around 10°C. Jojoba carrier oil is derived from seeds of jojoba that are present in Simmondsia Chinensis plant. Chilly pressed jojoba oil doesn’t turn into rancid due partially to the presence of tocopherols (vitamin – e) and primarily due to its wax construction which is rarely topic to oxidation. It’s also vital to notice that jojoba could go cloudy in cool temperatures.

Uses & Benefits :-
• Jojoba carrier oil regenerative nature helps appreciate pores and skin blemishes and zits.
• The oil of jojoba can be utilized to make your hair wholesome.
• It’s helpful with the treatment of quite a few scalp associated troubles.
• Jojoba oil is originated from the USA and utilizing jojoba oil will make a terrific distinction in your hair and pores and skin.
• Pure jojoba carrier oil is multi functional. It’s utilized in scalp preparation and is one of many essential substances of hair nourishment.

Product Name : Jojoba Oil
Botanical Name : Simmondsia Chinensis
Origin : USA
Appearance & Odor : Golden to brownish yellow liquid & Pleasant, soft odor
Methods of Extraction : Cold pressed


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