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Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil


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Organic carrot seed oil is extract of the seed from the carrot plant. It is obtained from the daucus carota. It belongs to the apiaceae family. It is also known as wild carrot and queen anne’s lace. It has a woody, earthy candy odor and is yellow or amber colored to pale orange-brown in look. It is woody, earthy and sweet aroma. It is obtained from wild carrots which are commonly found in Europe. It is an annual biennial herb carry of hairy leaves. It is the origin in France and India. Its blends with frankincense, lavender, rosewood, cypress and etc. The pharmacologically lively constituents of the carrot seed extract are three flavones luteolin 3′-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside, & luteolin 4′-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside. The main ingredient of this oil is carol.

Uses & Benefits:-
• It helps to clean the digestive system to our body.
• It is also beneficial for bronchitis and influenza and accumulation of toxins.
• Organic carrot seed oil is also beneficial for skin problems like eczema, rashes, and dermatitis.
• This oil also helps to body related problems like arthritis, edema, rheumatism and so on.
• It can help to give detoxifying effect on the liver, And as well as he also helps to fight jaundice.

Product Title : Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Daucus carota
Origin : India
Appearance & Odor : Yellow to amber liquid &  Woody, earthy and musky scent odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distilled


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