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Organic Myrrh Essential Oil


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Organic myrrh oil is extracted from the barks of commiphora myrrha through the steam distillation process. It is also known as myrrh gum. It is used in aromatherapy. Myrrh oil is a rich, balsamic aroma. Its scientific name is commiphora myrrha. It is the origin in Somalia. It is an ordinary ingredient of tooth powders and could be utilized for combating dangerous microorganism within the mouth which ends up in an unhealthy breath and in addition wards off periodontal illness. It has a pale yellow to liquid in color with slightly and musty odor. It is related to the burseraceae family. It is a small tree which grows up to 5m long with light bark branches, some leaves and white flowers.

Uses & Benefits:-

– It has been widely used in medicines, incenses, and as perfumes.
– Organic myrrh oil helps to treat feminine complaints, pores, and skin illnesses.
– It is beneficial for detoxifying the physique and expelling mucus and phlegm from the physique.
– Organic myrrh oil is a magical essential oil in aromatherapy.
– It helps to increase your creativity and mood and also support the respiratory system.

Product Name : Organic Myrrh Essential Oil
Botanical Name  : Commiphora myrrha
Origin : Somalia
Appearance & Odor : Clear, pale amber colored liquid
Methods of Extraction : Steam-Distillation


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