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Organic Sweet Almond Oil


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Organic sweet almond oil is obtained from the raw almonds through the method of cold pressing. It is scientifically known as prunus dulcis. It is related to the rosaceae family. It is the origin in India. It has a yellow liquid in color. It is a deciduous tree that grows up to 10m in height.

Uses & Benefits:-
– It reduces dark circle and also rejuvenates the skin.
– It fights against wrinkles and helps renewal skin.
– It helps to cure many skin diseases like psoriasis, acne, and eczema.
– Organic sweet almond oil heals cracked heels and soothes rough skin.
– It is also used as an ingredient for foot and hand creams.
– It improves absorption, moisture in the skin and makes skin healthier.
– It improves impurities and also dead skin cells like dirt, pollution, sweat etc.

Product Title : Organic Sweet Almond Oil
Botanical Name :  prunus dulcis
Origin :  India
Appearance & Odor :  Yellow liquid
Methods of Extraction :  Cold pressing


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