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Rosehip Oil


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Roship seeds are replete with Vitamin A, the darkish orange/pink hue. Its scientific name is rosa rubiginosa. Rosehip oil significantly diminishes stretch marks and helps to take away wrinkles from beforehand broken pores and skin. It’s a yellow color liquid having attribute aroma. It is origin in South America mainly in Chile. Full of nutritional vitamins, antioxidants, and important fatty acids. Rosehip Oil helps in cell regeneration, delays the consequences of pores and skin getting older and promotes elastin and collagen ranges to extend which preserve the pores and skin smooth, clean and supple.

Uses & Benefits :-
-Rosehip oil is beneficial for anti-aging properties.
-It helps to reduce inflammation in the body.
-It especially effective on dry, elbows, knees cracked lips and heels.
-Rosehip oil helps to treat infections and boost the body’s immune system.
-Rosehip oil is very useful to dry and cracked skin to nourish and re hydrate.
-It can help to reduce the effects of eczema and reduce scarring by promoting skin regeneration.

Product Name : Rosehip Oil
Botanical Name : Rosa Rubiginosa
Origin : Chile
Appearance & Odor : Yellow with golden hue with Characteristic odor
Methods of Extraction : Cold Pressed


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