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Yellow Champaca Absolute Oil


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Yellow champaca absolute oil is obtained from the flowers of michelia through the process of solvent extraction. It is scientifically known as michelia champaca. It is related to the magnolia family. It is found in tropical land and sub tropical land. It is also known as champak. It has a yellowish and thick in color. This plant produces a gorgeous flower that has a deep fragrant. It is a small tree which can grow up to 6m in height. It can be used as a massage therapy. It is the origin in India.

 Uses & Benefits:-
– It gives relief from headaches and vertigo.
– It is commonly used in aromatherapy section.
– Yellow champaca absolute oil is mostly used in high-class perfumes.
– It is also used in the production of skin care products and making incense.
– It is also used in cosmetic industry for making products like lotions, creams etc.
– It is widely used in perfumery industry for making fragrances cause of its exotic aroma.

Product Name :  Yellow Champaca Absolute Oil
Botanical Name : Michelia Champaca
Origin : India
Appearance & Odor : Yellowish and thick in color
Methods of Extraction : Solvent extraction


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