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Bakul Attar


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Bakul attar comes from one in every of India’s most sacred tree known as bakul that grows stunning flowers within the blooming season. The bakul attar is obtained from the flowers of bakul which is most lovely and the holy tree of India. Its scientific name is mimusops elengi. This flowering tree is taken into account because of the sacred and used for providing to god. It is the origin in India. It’s having a really tempting and nontoxic aroma which gives very soothing results to your thoughts and physique because it enters in your nostrils.

Uses & Benefits:-
– As this pure attar possess very alluring and floral perfume, it’s extremely utilized by the fragrance business within the formulation of quite a few unique and exclusive perfumes and different scented merchandise.
– This attar is taken into account pious and utilized by spiritual individuals to supply prayer by providing this aromatic oil to god and get their blessings.
– This pure attar is able to eradicating the psychological stress and different nervous associated issues due to this fact it’s extensively utilized in aromatherapy center.

Product Title : Bakul Attar
Botanical Name : Mimusops Elengi
Origin : India
Appearance & Odor : Creamy white & floral fragrance
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distillation


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