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Betel Leaf Essential Oil


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Betel leaf essential oil is scientifically generally known as piper betel. The Betel leaf plant is a twining vine a part of the pepper household, whose leaves yield a fragrant essential oil. It is usually common in India with the identify paan. The center formed leaves have distinct nice aroma. It is generally chewed alone or with different plant supplies. It is the origin in India. It has a clear yellow to darkish brown liquid in color with creosote odor. Dryness and publicity to the solar for too lengthy an interval can hurt and plant. Betel leaf has been domesticated for hundreds of years and is steeped in ayurvedic custom.

Uses & Benefits :-
– It has a lot of medical utility and is especially used in hardening of chewing gums.
– The betel leaf essential oil is valued in ayurveda for its stimulating, carminative, fragrant, antiseptic, warming and aphrodisiac properties.
– Betel leaf oil helps in getting reduction from the gastric pains and rheumatic bones ache and is useful in treating bronchial asthma.
– Betel leaves are used as a stimulant, an antiseptic and a breath-freshener.

Product Name : Betel Leaf Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Piper Betle
Origin : India
Appearance & Odo : Clear yellow to darkish brown liquid with creosote-like odor
Methods of Extraction :  Steam Distillation



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