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Camphor Essential Oil


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Camphor essential oil is extracted by steam from the chipped wooden, root stumps and branches. It is a big evergreen tree grown primarily in Asia. The botanical name of camphor essential oil is cinnamomum camphora. It is found in camphor laurel wood. It is commonly known as true camphor, gum camphor, and Formosa camphor. Camphor oil is a member of Lauraceae family. It is the origin in China. It is a white, waxy or transparent solid substance with strong aromatic odor. It is commonly grown in Australia, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Tree of camphor is about 35 meters tall and its lively part is present in each a part of the tree. It has a dark brown, yellow and white in color.

Uses & Benefits :-
-It provides relief from spasms and cramps.
-It helps to reduce the severity of nervous disorders.
-It helps to facilitate digestion and blood circulation.
-It is excellent for disinfectant, insecticide and germicide.
-It helps to relieve the congestion of nasal tracts and lungs.
-It helps to boosts libido and as well as helps to cure inflammation.
-Our Camphor Oil additionally has sure advantages for pores and skin as properly.
-Additionally, it is used in the remedy of frequent chilly, whooping coughs, fever, flu and certain infectious illnesses.
-Camphor essential oil an analgesic, anti- depressant, anti- septic, carminative, febrifuge, diuretic, stimulant, sudorific, vermifuge and laxative, hypertensive, insecticide, vulnerary and anti- inflammatory.

Product Name : Camphor Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Cinnamomum camphora
Origin : China
Appearance & Odor : Colorless yellow clear liquid & strong, penetrating, fragrant odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distillation


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