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Chamomile German Essential Oil


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Chamomile german oil is also known as blue german, single chamomile, hungarian chamomile. The botanical name of chamomile german oil is chamaemelum nobile. It is extracted from the matricaria chamomile Plant. It belongs to compositae family. This plant grows around 60cm above the ground with hairless stalks and very gentle very light leaves along with many whitish flowers blooming on a single stem. The very first thing one notices with german chamomile essential oil is it’s putting darkish blue hue. The phrase ‘chamomile’ comes from the greek phrase chamomilla or floor apple, referring to the truth that the plant grows low to the bottom, and the contemporary blooms have a lovely apple scent. It is the origin in Hungary. The listing of therapeutic advantages is huge as animal research have displayed the oil’s means to cut back irritation, act in a vulnerary capability (closing wounds and dashing the therapeutic course of), calming and decreasing muscle spasms (antispasmodic), and performing as a delicate sedative helping with sleep.

Uses & Benefits :-
– chamomile german essential oil is also beneficial in treating the menopausal and menstrual problems.
– It is very useful for skin allergies like eczema, scabies, and other scaled skin problems.
– Owing to its therapeutic properties, this essential oil offers a relaxing impact on the thoughts and physique.
– Could trigger pores and skin irritation in some people, and needs to be prevented by these allergic to ragweed.
– chamomile german oil is used in herbal and ayurvedic medicine to treat various diseases like sore stomach, internal and external inflammation problems.
– German chamomile essential oil is a unique and pleasant addition to beauty functions, private care formulations, soaps, perfumery, and aromatherapy.

Product Name : Chamomile German Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Anthemis nobilis L
Origin : Hungary
Appearance & Odor : Pale blue greenish, clear liquid @22c with sweet herbal green woody odor
Methods of Extraction : Steam Distillation



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